Taunton Youth Culture & Arts Festival 2021

Taunton Youth Culture & Arts Festival 2021


Good evening and a very warm welcome to our Arts Taunton's youth festival, Tyca 2020!

This year‘s festival is very different, as we, alongside other festival facilitators, take a giant leap of faith and move on line. We felt it more important than ever to celebrate the talent of the young people in our area and give them the showcase for their creativity that they have been missing during this very odd year.
Ironically, we had already chosen a theme for Tyca 2020 before the pandemic struck and it felt even more poignant when our world changed in early 2020 to announce that our theme was, 2020 – A Vision of the Future.
The theme covers performances and events that reflect on young people’s hopes and dreams: their visions. Important too was the ambition to give young people a creative voice and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of entertainment, when life has been so restrictive.
There is a full weekend of events to enjoy, and in addition to this, keep an eye on our Instagram Twitter and Facebook pages @tycafestival and our website tycafestival.co.uk for other specially commissioned events. See links below..
Please sit back and enjoy this exciting digital festival and join us in celebrating our amazing young people, who are bringing their vision of the future to us, through their creativity.

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