Your Tyca weekly CHALLENGE... and a chance to win £20!

The Tyca Festival is planned for October but because of social distancing we know that you need something now, so we are celebrating the arts and our young people right now... We know life is tough, let's give you something else to think about!


With each weekly CHALLENGE, relating to the 2020 Future Vision theme, there will be a £20 prize for the best entry in each age group each week and at the end of four weeks we will have a grand prize of £100 for the overall winner in each age group

Entries will be in three age groups; 10 years and under, 11-15 years and 16-25 years

Spectacles Weekly Tyca Challenge



Yes, we know spectacles/glasses are probably the last thing you thought of, but we know that you will use your imagination to be really creative!



The Future of the Climate

In lockdown for the past few weeks we have seen an improvement with more wildlife visible and a huge drop in pollution across the world.We would like you think about this and reflect on a future for the planet.



Think Small

At the current time in 2020 we aren’t allowed out to see our friends or relations and apart from daily exercise we have to stay in our houses.We have to live our lives in a small restricted space: we would like you to think small.




At the current time in the UK more and more people are wearing masks when they go outside to protect them against the coronavirus.
What do masks do? They may protect us from germs, they may hide our faces, they can make our faces look completely different.
We would like you to design your own mask. 


  • What are the judging criteria?

    All entries will be judged on skill and merit according to the following criteria:● Creativity - the way in which the task was approached● Originality – is it a unique take on the subject matter● Quality - has time been spent making the entry as good as it can be?● Clarity of the Theme – does the art work or performance relate clearly to the theme?● Presentation – is the image or film presented well with thoughtful background, angle etc

  • Who are the judging panel?

    The judging panel will consist of two professional artists (one visual and one performing artist) and two members of the Arts Taunton Board

  • Can I enter without my parents' permission? 

    Under 18’s need a signature from parents to enter. There is a section on the entry form for this.

  • Can I enter if I don't live in the Taunton area?

    The competition is open to all those who live within the TA postal code area. We ask you to tell us your postal code on the entry form.

  •  I can't upload to the site - who can help me? 

    Please email ku.oc.notnuatstra%40olleh and someone will be in touch with you to help.

  • How will I know whether or not I've won anything in that week? 

    Winners will be informed within 14 days after the closing date for each challenge.

  • Can I enter more than one piece of artwork? 

    You can enter the competition each week with more than one artistic response to the competition theme.

  • Can I enter every week? 

    You can enter each week, but not with the same piece of work.

  • My preferred art medium isn't listed - can I still enter? 

    Yes, any art form is welcome

  • My artwork covers more than one theme. Can I enter it into more than one week's challenge? 

    No, we need a new response to the themes each week.

  • How should I encourage my friends to join in? 

    Send them a link on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook with the link to the Tyca competition webpage

  • Where will my work be displayed?  

    On the Tyca website and our social media channels. If you tell us your handle for Instagram on the form , we will tag you in.

  • Will all entries be judged on merit or will the winners' names be pulled out of a hat? 

    Entries will be judged on merit, according to the criteria outlined on the website

  • What if my parents or I decide later on that we don't want my work displayed?

    All entries will be automatically displayed on the Tyca website . When your parents sign the permission form they are agreeing to your work being displayed on our website.