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Special Tyca CHALLENGE | Future Vision for a Fair and Equal Society

With each theme relating to 2020 Future Vision, there will be a £20 prize for the best entry in each age group and at the end of the challenges we will have a grand prize for the overall winner in each age group of £100.

The latest tragic event in the USA with the police murder of George Floyd has had an impact globally on the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

We want a fair society for all and we all need to strive for this as a future vision, where all people are treated fairly regardless of the colour of their skin.
As an organisation working with young people at this historic time for change as racism becomes a global conversation, we would like to encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings through art which we will share on our website for other young people to see.
We are opening our Tyca challenge for June and July, so that there is an opportunity for you to process your thoughts and emotions about a fairer society and what this may look like through dance, music, written or spoken word, drawing, painting or whatever art form you choose.
We are accepting applications immediately through to the July 31st

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