Special Tyca CHALLENGE Entries

We are opened our special Tyca challenge for June and July, so that there was an opportunity for young people to process their thoughts and emotions about a fairer society and what this may look like, through dance, music, written or spoken word, drawing, painting or whatever art form you choose.

10 Years and Under

Maia Blackler - Aged 7

Florence Lilyanne Boyne - Aged 10



I decided to draw butterflies for my entry because they can come in all different shapes, sizes and colours just like people. It's unfair that people are treated differently because of their skin colour.

Eloise Norbury - Aged 10


I made a cake in the shape of the Black lives matter fist :)

11 - 15 year olds

Issac Blackler - Aged 11

Anderson Blackler - Aged 14

Anna Sophie Bagwell - Aged 11

Lorelei Norbury - Aged 13


What is it really like in our world today?

If you think about the bigger universe, then we are all thinking small here on Earth. It made me think about the effects of coming back to Earth, from having been out in space and having seen the earth as it is - just a pinprick. But one that we think is pretty lovely overall. Or do we? As quoted in a book I read “physically there’s stiffness, swelling of my legs, rashes where my skin hasn’t touched anything, nausea” which suggests that it’s not a pleasant thing coming back from space which makes you think of the effects on your mental health and how being in space could give you separation anxiety from your family and friends so being back on earth could be a shock to astronauts physically and mentally. Secondly in the text he says “I think it’s doable” meaning I think it’s doable to be on Mars for 5 years is when you wonder who would you send up there? Me personally I would send up a team of ten astronauts each with a strong mental capacity and a good knowledge on space. If we were to colonise mars then who would live on mars? Where would you get the water supply? How would you grow crops for food? There is all these questions regarding the safety and the wellbeing of the colonisation of mars that could be asked so if we were to go up to mars it would take serious planning. Thirdly he says “your connected via email, phone call and the news but if it was me I would feel shutoff from the world so I would want more connection with the earth but other people like there privacy so they would cope better then me. Everytime I think of looking at the world from outer space it brings me back to the same thought - never judge a book by its cover. The earth on the outside looks like a beautiful, peaceful place where everything is perfect but inside all the beauty it’s a hell hole where there’s crime spreading like viruses, there’s wars breaking out everywhere, people fear for there safety in some places, there is terrible prejudice, there are illnesses spreading like wildfire and we have pollution corrupting our breathing air and we don’t do anything about it. We need to do better in order to save us and to give us a better future. 

What is wrong with people?

Black people are being racially stereotyped, thrown into jail for no apparent reason and are killed just because they are black. This needs to stop.
Take George Floyd for example. He didn’t do anything wrong at that time (and people say he had committed crimes before but he wasn’t then, and even if he had been, that should not be a death sentence.) He had his life taken away from him just because the police officers were racist or had not had enough training or were not led by people with the right attitude. And the people right at the top, not just in America, need to look at their attitude and the messages they are transmitting to everyone else. We all need compassionate calm caring but strong and balanced leadership.
It’s the 21st century. This should not be happening, 
People should be changing their ways. They should be realising how far society has come. They need to come with society.


The language of the unheard

16 - 25 year olds

 Joseph Taylor - 18

The Fight (is not over)

The Fight (is not over)

This piece represents 6 different movements in today's society fighting for inequality and the idea when our world reaches equality there will be no need for these movements. The piece features empowering quotes in hopes that the viewer discusses and engages with the piece, taking something away and allowing it to have an effect on their view of society.

Natasha Cross - 20


Try not to Swallow Your Tongue

I wrote this piece in response to a personal experience where I was repeatedly submitted to sexual harassment in the workplace. After months of biting my tongue I finally plucked up the courage to speak up and stand up to those responsible. With the inevitable feelings of relief and strength there also came a sense of shame for not speaking up sooner. How many others may have had to be subjected to this inexcusable behaviour before I decided to make my stand? I felt the same exact way when I saw the horrific George Floyd video. As a middle class white person I felt ashamed that I had never used my white privilege to a large enough extent in the past to make a difference, hence why this piece was created. Why, as white people, aren't we speaking up more? Why, as a society, aren't we speaking up about ANY of the above issues more? It's time to stop biting... or altogether swallowing our tongues.