Tyca CHALLENGE 4 Entries

At the current time in the UK more and more people are wearing masks when they go outside to protect themselves and others against the coronavirus.
We asked you to use the theme of masks and be creative with them... and this is what we had from you ...

10 Years and Under

Florence Lilyanne Boyne - 10

Animal masks

Animal Masks

I decided to create animal masks for me and a few of my toys. Lots of people are wearing masks now and I chose to make some that were a bit more interesting.


Amelia Shelley Giorgi - 8

Masks of the masks

Masks of the masks

I’ve called this the mask of masks because it’s made of lots of different material. I think my vision memory of 2020 will be people wearing lots of different masks.

11 - 15 year olds

Anna Bagwell - 11

Different Types of Masks

Different Types of Masks

I've made different types of masks to show what we use them for and different fact cards to go with each one. I really enjoyed making me mosques especially when I couldn't find any Cornwall to make the structure of the respiratory muscles so I need that just cutting lots of bits of fabric out. 


Eva Di Capua - 12

Masks of Art

Anti et Post

This is a period when all of us should remember that Mother Earth is the most important thing we have and we all shall take care of her. The mask is divided in 2 parts, ANTE et POST. Progress brought us to a very comfort zone that now with its relevant pollution we, as child, MUST all take a good thought and care of what is really important and what is necessary for our future. Live in a healthy planet.

Molly-Jo McAlpine - 14

Masks of Art

Nature's mask 

My artwork shows how the beauty of natures animals mask and silence the suffering of the environment. I took the stimulus of mask less literally and more emotionally. 

Evie Linden - 11

Hidden inside a bubble

Hidden inside a bubble

This is a piece of digital art about how masks protect us and the importance of them. Also my art represents how inside the bubble you are hidden from danger, like masks protect you from illnesses.

16 - 25 year olds


 Joseph Taylor - 18



Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein this rhinestone pointillism piece took about 4 hours to apply over 400 stones. The piece is a mask without distorting the face, it highlights and contours the face in a pop art style. 

Spike Woodburn Byewaters Basie Maxwell - 16

The Poulet

I've had this chicken mask laying around my house for a while now and I couldn't think of a use for it..... Until now. The Poulet is a story about someone who gets haunted by the shadow of the chicken they ate.