Tyca CHALLENGE 2 Entries

This week we asked you to reflect on a future for the planet and we had these exciting entries...

10 Years and Under


Alexa Wiltshire - Under 10

I can see the future through the looking glass

It’s about how we are wrecking the planet and how I can see how this is going to end . 

Maddie Hudgell - Age 10

Crystal Ball  

An act and song about wanting to know the future. 

Amelia Shelley Giorgi - Age 8

Growth for nature

Growth for Nature

My vision for the future of our planet is that nature & wildlife can be more beautiful after their rest. I hope that people will think more about pollution & it’s effects.  

Runner Up

Florence Lilyanne Boyne - Age 10

Growth for nature

A Hopeful Future 

I was thinking about how it would be nice to have a future with no plastic pollution or endangered animals, so I created this poster. I used the writing on a plastic bag to do a play on words. 


Catherine Hilton-Brown - Age 10

Growth for nature

The Future

What I hope the future will be.

11 - 15 year olds


Evie Linden - 11

Inside a raindrop

Inside a Raindrop 

My entry is about what the rain does to out planet and what is inside the raindrop. It also symbolises how the planet is keeping healthy when it rains.  

Eva Di Capua - 12

Canine story during quarantine 

I have written this monologue thinking about my family and friends in Italy and how difficult the lock down restriction has been there. I've linked the story to my dog as she is the smallest living creature I deal with daily. I am sure that also other dogs and cats with a big attitude like hers were forced to change their behavior during this period.

Melissa Donaldson - 11

How beautiful is nature

How beautiful is nature....? 

I have written a poem about the joy of nature and the warmth of the feeling it gives in the summer


Anna Bagwell - 11

Sea Life

SEA LIFE tours (future visions)  

See dolphins whales and clownfish all these wonderful tools.you can pick one location on the map to go and see if and a bonus location if you want ,these 2 locations will be surrounded with animals from the sea 

16 - 25 year olds


Spike Woodburn Bywaters Basie Maxwell - 16

Hive 2030 

This sculpture shows a possible future where we don't make the right choices. Bees are essential to the planet's life and this portrays a dead and toxic hive, with poisoned bees and a dead queen. It is a warning that we must change the way we live. I chose the title 'Hive 2030' to show that we don't have much time to sort ourselves out.  

Rebecca Tong - 23


Reduce, Reuse.... Up-Cycle!  

The Earth may have been placed on pause but my creativity has been reignited. By staying home to stay safe we have given the Earth a chance to take a few deep and clean breaths. And how it has thrived! Through the sad loss of my Great Grandma last month I have been lucky to be able to up-cycle many of her loved items of furniture. I have given her furniture a new future through decoupage and respecting the environment by not throwing them away. I would like to hold a mirror up to the world, to take a step back and reflect on the current tensions. To ask people to examine their own values, to protect the Earth we live on and ALL of the lives living on it.  


Molly O’Donnell - 25


Invest for the future 

Now is the time to start thinking about investing for the future. 

 Joseph Taylor - 18


Silence is so loud 

This piece combines my two loves, music and needlework. This mask is an advert for identity, it communicates who I am and what I love!