With each weekly theme relating to 2020 Future Vision, there will be a £20 prize for the best entry in each age group each week and at the end of four weeks we will have a grand prize for the overall winner in each age group.
We would like you think about this and reflect on a future for the planet.

Tyca challenge week two

Using our 2020 Vision of the future theme and as we have been in lockdown for the past few weeks and we have seen an improvement in the ecosystems with more wildlife visible and a huge drop in pollution across the world, we would like you think about this and reflect on a future for the planet.

  • We want you to make a piece of dance or theatre or,

  • put brush to canvas, bake a cake, or create a piece of sculpture or,

  • create and read a poem or a piece of writing or make some music that shows us your ideas about seeing more clearly into the future.

Whichever way you choose to create your masterpiece is fine with us! The only limit is your imagination - ideas can be as simple or as complicated as you like, as straightforward and as crazy as you like.

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16-25 year olds

11-15 year olds

10 years and under

Some ideas to fire up your imagination ... 


If we carry on reducing our carbon footprint and using transport and machinery less, what might you see, feel or hear?


Perhaps you could make a drawing or painting or a collage or model of the planet using recycled materials, things that you find around the house such as wool, bits of material, cardboard or egg shells etc.


Or why not send us a photograph of a beautiful example of nature around us, or maybe write a poem or rap, create a dance or a piece of music that expresses your thoughts and feelings about the future of the planet. 

How to ENTER

Tyca hand

Step 1. Choose what you want to enter - stretch your imagination!

Take a look at the tips we suggest each week, but don't feel limited by them... this is your entry, so be yourself.


Step 2. Make sure you have filled out all the relevant boxes on the entry form

Importantly, please check our terms and conditions so you know how your entry will be used and displayed. We also have our privacy policy and safeguarding children's policy at the foot of each page on the website.


Step 3. Don't forget to attach your file!

You can submit your entry through this website on the entry form. If your file is bigger than 50mb, please contact us on ku.oc.notnuatstra%40olleh and we will arrange for you to submit your work in another way.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions...

Please send your entries for uploading by Monday 8th June

 Winners will be notified 14 days after the close of that week's competition