Visual Arts Video Workshops

As each Workshop is rolled out, we will be publishing them here. You can revisit them at anytime and share them with others that couldn't make the event.

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 – ‘The Functional Mask’ – design/make a mask for a specific purpose - to protect, to disguise, to amuse or to frighten… 
Explore and develop ideas through investigations, sketches, research into relevant artists’ work. Be inspired to collect images, refine ideas and plan a playful design for a welder’s mask, or a face-covering to reflect your personality!

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 – ‘‘The Cultural Mask’ – create artwork - painting, printing, sculpture or textiles inspired by cultural masks from around the world and artists work… 
+Study forms of masks and embellishments used around the world, learn about the symbolism behind masks in certain cultures and combine these with media experimentation and paint techniques to produce exciting artwork.