Taunton Youth Culture & Arts Festival 2022

Taunton Youth Culture & Arts Festival 2022

2022 Tyca Performances

Covid stopped the live performances last year but all the rehearsals were taking place and the performances ready to be rolled out... AND here they are!! Enjoy...

Tyca Festival 2022 Day 1 

This event took place on the 3rd of March at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre. 
The performances were given by: ● Bridgwater & Taunton College Dance● Richard Huish College Popular Music Course● Chhaya Youth Dance
Using the theme of Empowerment, Tyca presents:
A celebration of dance from two specially commissioned works by acclaimed choreographers Kay Crook of Chhaya Collective and Bristol’s Helen Wilson, Director of award winning Rise Youth Dance. Companies are Bridgwater & Taunton College Dancers, and Chhaya Youth Dance.
Accoustic performances from singers, songwriters and guitarists from Richard Huish College Popular Music Course: Molly Arscott and Jon West & his band.

Concerto Grosso for all

Performed by:● Guildhall Young Artists Taunton● King’s Hall School, Taunton● Southern Sinfonia● J.J. Hathaway
In collaboration with the hugely talented young Somerset composer, J.J. Hathaway, Simon Chalk brings members of Southern Sinfonia to the festival for what promises to be a spectacular melting pot of creativity and inspiration. 
The festival has commissioned J. J. to compose a brand new ‘Concerto Grosso’ incorporating ideas from many of the young musicians who will be involved in the project. 
The performance will be the culmination of a number of weeks of workshops and rehearsals, that enabled the young musicians to work with Simon Chalk and Southern Sinfonia to build skills, confidence and have fun with their music-making.