Tyca CHALLENGE 3 Entries

At the current time in 2020 we weren't allowed out to see our friends or relations and apart from daily exercise we had to stay in our houses.
We have to live our lives in a small restricted space: we asked you to think small.

10 Years and Under

Amelia Shelley Giorgi - 8

Mini Stronehenge

Mini Stonehenge

For my vision I made this mini Stonehenge for the think small as this month is when we’d dance around it for the summer solstice.


Florence Lilyanne Boyne - 10

A world in books

A World in Books 

During lockdown I have found that reading helps you pass the time. With books, you can enter other worlds while staying at home. 

11 - 15 year olds

Melissa Donaldson - 11

Sea Life

World locked up 

The world is on lockdown so it seems like its locked up also 


Molly-Jo McAlpine - 14

World in books

Through the keyhole 

I painted a small scene behind a keyhole. it is a beautiful garden where we wish we could be in lockdown. 

Anna-Sophie Bagwell - 11

World in books

Masks of art

I figured that masks are very important right now so I mean each of them have a picture of something small sewn onto them and next to then there's a poem about that little thing. 

16 - 25 year olds


Spike Woodburn Byewaters Basie Maxwell - 16

Feeling Confined In My Mind 

I've been spending a lot of time in my room during quarantine (all my own doing) and I've realised that I am slowly going crazy being stuck in one room.I used the idea of smallness by limiting myself to, apart from my voice and using my keyboard a bit, only use things I could find in the small confined space of my room. The end product sounds like a bunch of voices in your head arguing, making you feel more confined and trapped in your own mind