Tyca CHALLENGE 3 Entries

10 Years and Under

Amelia Shelley Giorgi - 8

Mini Stronehenge

Mini Stonehenge

For my vision I made this mini Stonehenge for the think small as this month is when we’d dance around it for the summer solstice.

Florence Lilyanne Boyne - 10

A world in books

A World in Books 

During lockdown I have found that reading helps you pass the time. With books, you can enter other worlds while staying at home. 

11 - 15 year olds

Melissa Donaldson - 11

Sea Life

World locked up 

The world is on lockdown so it seems like its locked up also 

Molly-Jo McAlpine - 14

World in books

Through the keyhole 

I painted a small scene behind a keyhole. it is a beautiful garden where we wish we could be in lockdown. 

Anna-Sophie Bagwell - 11

World in books

Masks of art

I figured that masks are very important right now so I mean each of them have a picture of something small sewn onto them and next to then there's a poem about that little thing. 

16 - 25 year olds

Spike Woodburn Byewaters Basie Maxwell - 16

Feeling Confined In My Mind 

I've been spending a lot of time in my room during quarantine (all my own doing) and I've realised that I am slowly going crazy being stuck in one room.I used the idea of smallness by limiting myself to, apart from my voice and using my keyboard a bit, only use things I could find in the small confined space of my room. The end product sounds like a bunch of voices in your head arguing, making you feel more confined and trapped in your own mind