Tyca CHALLENGE Week 1 Entries

In the first week we asked you to send in your ideas about SPECS! How can you represent this everyday item in any art form? Here are the results.

10 Years and Under


Amelia Shelley Giorgi - Age 8


Festival of the 90’s 

I am missing going to my first ever festival next month which I am upset about so my vision for the future is that I can go to a 90’s music festival.


Catherine Hilton-Brown - Age 10


The Fritz Conference 

My favourite part of lockdown is spending time with my neighbour’s dog every day! Here he is eating dog treats from a glass 🥳 

11 - 15 year olds

Isaac Blackler - 11


Waking Up

Needing to wake up and not be blind to the changes in the environment. 

Phoebe Davis - 14


Nishikigoi- the Koi carp 

I decided to draw the Koi Carp because I like that the fish has long fins. 


Anderson Blackler -14


Seeing the benefits of lockdown 

Lockdown isn’t all bad. It’s time to use rose tinted spectacles to pick out the best bits to see 


Lola Tarr - 11


Yummy Glasses

I baked some homemade cookies, they are very tasty and I loved cutting out the shapes and displaying on wrapping up paper.

Catie Ryder - 15


Sight for sore eyes

My entry represents how glasses help people to see more clearly.

Freddie Hilton Brown - 11


Lego Glasses 

I always loved playing with Lego and at the start of Lockdown spotted that mum had accidentally put some of my Lego in the skip. Lockdown has now reminded me of how fun Lego is 👍 

Zoe Trembath - 11


Magic Glasses

These are my Magic Glasses, when you look through them you see the future. They are very rosy. 

Laura Trembath - 11



This is my eye so I can see into the future. 

16 - 25 year olds

Molly O'Donnell - 25


Rose Tinted Spectacles

Needing to wake up and not be blind to the changes in the environment. 


Spike Maxwell - 16

In a ? frame of mind... 

I love expressing myself by changing the way my face looks through freak makeup. I thought is worked really well using all the different glasses I could find in the house as inspiration for some of my looks and as props to transition between looks. This track is very inspiring and It just makes me want to dance.


Rebecca Tong - 23


Why do we only receive flowers to celebrate a milestone? 

My vision for 2020 is that after these dark and uncertain times the world will blossom and unite in celebration of the small things regularly taken for granted. But most of all a celebration of life, both sadly lost and to those left to piece their families back together. Glasses for me represent a way to see clearer, these last few months have provided me with the opportunity slow down and see the beauty around me. Why do we only receive flowers to celebrate a milestone? 

Joseph Taylor -18



This piece is 16 years in the making, I got my first pair of specs at the age of two and these (foreground) thick lens mental framed robust glasses reflect the 2 year old me, full of adventure. The mid pair I got when I was 5 and starting school, a sensible and studious looking pair of specs, practical and ready to read. The background set, my current pair, display the sleek maturity of this stage of my life, stylish mature and a statement.