TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

Spoken Word Video Workshops

These workshops are FREE for you to enjoy whenever you want to. Learn how to be heard! The Spoken Word is powerful and these videos will show you how you can find your VOICE...
If you are aged between 10 and 25, you can send in your Spoken Word creation to us.

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 - What is spoken word? An introduction to the art form and your first steps towards creating original material.… 

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 - History whose story? This session will focus on your own unique voice and how you can use it to communicate your vision for the future.

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 - Let’s get down to business! In this session we will construct our own performance piece using material we generated in sessions 1 and 2.

Workshop 4

Workshop 4 - Polishing and performance. In our final session we get our work stage-ready to perform digitally and/or live!

Enjoyed the workshops?

If, after viewing and taking part in these you feel that you would like to make a donation to help Arts Taunton, through the Tyca Festival, continue, please click the button below. There is no minimum amount and we will be grateful for whatever you can give. Thank you in advance.

View UPwords and ONwords Tyca's Spoken Word Showcase NOW!