TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

Brian Rice Inspired Project

Tyca Project delivered by Go Create in partnership with SW Heritage and the Museum of Somerset

Two Schools...

Taunton Academy (Y9)

11 students visited South West Heritage at Norton Fitzwarren to see original artworks and then took part in a practical workshop session at the Museum of Somerset for the rest of day. The process involved a deconstructed collage of photographs from around museum, tracing of the collage onto canvases and painting of the design, using a restricted colour palette.
Students were provided with canvases, sketchbooks and all materials for this project.

Bishop Henderson Primary (Y6) 

50 students aged 10 and 11 in 2 year 6 classes.
Keith and Liz spent 2 full days delivering practical workshop sessions introducing them to Brian Rice via an interview link - Covid cases in the school meant that they could not visit the museum to view the exhibition, so we brought Brian and his paintings to the children via the internet! 
The Y6s, like the Y9s, created collages, designs and used tracings of their designs to make their final canvas artworks, which were painted carefully with acrylic paint. Skills input involved collage, colour theory and painting techniques.

Two Teachers/Artists

Two teacher/artists Keith Crocker & Liz Hutchin

x 3 days, (plus planning)

Keith - Secondary School specialist - Liz - Primary School Specialist working "side-by-side" with the students, creating examples and teaching skills through creating collages and canvases…we developed the plans and process together, each bringing our area of expertise into the mix!
Keith and Liz had chatted with Brian Rice in November, at his Private Viewing in the Museum, explaining to him what they were doing with the students and he was genuinely interested in the process being used.
Brian said he thought the work was tremendous and it was lucky he wouldn’t be around when their artwork would be hitting the market - he joked that he thought it would be too much competition for him!
He chatted with all of the students who attended - some from both schools and appeared to genuinely enjoy himself.
Many thanks to Arts Taunton for supporting Go Create Artist's to work on this project in connection with SW Heritage and The Museum of Somerset


Photos taken at Taunton Library Exhibit which was available to view 22nd February - 5 March 202211 canvases and 6 sketchbooks on display from Taunton Academy and 48 canvases plus 24 sketchbooks on display from Bishop Henderson Primary.