TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

The Brewhouse Stage

The Brewhouse stage is the theatre’s main house. All shows are free but seats are limited. You can book free tickets on the Brewhouse website beforehand or at the box office on the day (whilst availability lasts).

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Take Art presents:

The Spring Forward Takeover

Spring Forward returns with a fourth dance platform of 2023 as part of TYCA festival.

Following the success of their three platforms in March Spring Forward comes to TYCA bringing together local dancers to perform on a professional stage.

The Spring Forward Takeover will showcase an exciting mix of styles and choreography including Jazz, Contemporary, Street Dance and Dance Theatre, along with fantastic, fun and feel-good performances from local schools, local youth dance companies, and dance schools from Somerset.

Find more about Take Art and Spring Forward here:



Guildhall Young Artists Taunton Presents:

GYAT Rising Stars!

As part of TYCA Festival 2023 Guildhall Young Artists Taunton students will be presenting a series of solo performances accompanied by a professional pianist.

Guildhall Young Artists Taunton is part of Guildhall School’s network of centres, providing inspiring performing arts training for children and young people. We offer a range of classes and performance opportunities for all 5–18-year-olds, in music and drama, on Saturdays in term time.



Spoken Word Showcase

Three brilliant young artists will share their words in this spellbinding showcase. Natasha and Maya will perform original spoken word poetry and Madison will present her vision for an upcoming theatre production. 

Natasha Elizabeth

"My poetry is a mixed bag of self-discovery, womanhood and the result of spending too much time in my thoughts. Poetry is a way for me to understand myself and the world around me in the hope that it will do the same for those who take the time to listen to my waffle!

"With my creative roots and theatre company based in Bristol, I regularly return to this part of the world that is home. However, I now find myself studying Drama and Creative writing in London, discovering even more about my craft. You can find me nose deep in a book or eating hummus (usually both)."

Maya Salway-Powell

A spoken word act exploring topics such as love, friendship, sexuality, life and death.
Maya is a deep thinker and uses poetry to explore this. Writing, for her, is cathartic. It empowers her to process difficult emotions she’s faced with. Her poems are raw and honest, exploring topics such as love, sexuality, life, and death. She has always had a deep love for performing. As a result, her poetry is rooted in the spoken word form.

Madison Bouchta

Madison is one of TYCA’s 2023 commissioned artists.
She is writing, directing and producing an original theatrical play, which breaks stereotypes and explores the challenges faced by young people in the modern era. She will present her vision and share a short video about her process.


Southern Sinfonia presents:

Our Place - by J.J. Hathaway

In this "side by side" concert Southern Sinfonia will perform a brand new composition created for TYCA 2023 by award winning young composer J.J. Hathaway. This event will see the young musicians of Taunton partnered with members of Southern Sinfonia to perform this world premiere performance.

Based in Somerset, Southern Sinfonia play a diverse and exciting repertoire and present world-class performances of the highest quality across the South of England, all year round. Committed to musical excellence, they are one of the most distinctive chamber ensembles currently performing in the UK.


J J Hathaway

Festival Zones

The Brewhouse Stage

The Brewhouse stage is the theatre’s main house. All shows are free but seats are limited. You can book free tickets on the Brewhouse website beforehand or at the box office on the day. (whilst availability lasts).

The Dreamers Stage

Our outdoor festival stage showcasing an awesome array of young musicians.

The Wandering Circus

Called the wandering circus because it really does wander! A range of street theatre, circus, dance and parkour performances spilling out around Somerset Square with the aerial rig at its epicentre.

The Gallery

We offer a diverse variety of multifunctional programs which include the needed set of features and support services to help you deal with your issue.

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Workshops and activities

Dotted around our event site you will find a range of brilliant free workshops and masterclasses where you can learn new skills from professional artists. No need to book - just turn up!