TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

TYCA Festival - Brought to you by Arts Taunton

The Dreamers Stage

Our outdoor festival stage showcasing an awesome array of young musicians.

12 noon

Meredith Disney Walford

An acoustic set of original Indie-Rock songs

Meredith will play an acoustic set of original Indie-Rock songs from her highly anticipated EP. These songs combine her vast array of musical influences in Rock (and its subgenres), Rap, Jazz, and Jazz Fusion, with Meredith stating ‘The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Demi Lovato, The 1975 and Eric Johnson were most influential to the production of this EP.
Meredith is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter who is prominent in the Southwest music scene. She began playing guitar aged 7 after being mesmerised by John Frusciante’s playing and has now attained a distinction at Grade 8. Meredith is transparent about the tranquillity music provides her and the therapeutic effect composition has on her mental health struggles and ADHD.


Elliot Coles

An original trumpet performance

Elliott started playing the trumpet at age 5 after being inspired by hearing The Last Post. He is currently working towards his grade 7 at the end of the year. He will play one original piece and one piece which inspires him



Originals and covers in rock and pop

NXSH (pronounced neesh) are an up and coming band with influences in rock and pop. Expect an eclectic mix of covers and originals to get you on your feet.



Original songs to put a smile on your face!

IDK_yet write and perform original songs hoping to put smiles on audiences faces.

Practising regularly at the Minehead Eye their first live performance was at Young Somerset Live 2023.


Robbie Hope

An acoustic set of originals and covers

Robbie will perform an original song called ‘Rocket ship’ which got in the top 30 of this year's young songwriter 2023 competition along with covers of Oasis, Coldplay and Stereophonics.

His favourite band is Oasis and he loves Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds, who he’ll be seeing live in Vivary Park in August!


Don’t Machine

An original ambient electronic set

A dark ambient electronic mess, Describing little worlds and soundscapes through music. Don’t Machine formed in 2020, starting out as a little indie project, soon creating more electronic and ambient soundscapes.



Mac Lee

Acoustic guitar and vocals playing covers and originals

Mac Lee is a 16 year old singer, Songwriter from Taunton. Mac started his Musical Journey by performing in his Primary school play Robin Hood. Mac then trained in vocals and was awarded his grade 5. Later in 2021 he picked up the guitar and began busking around Taunton. Mac is one of TYCA’s 2023 commissioned Artists.



A rock and metal band

A Richard Huish College 1st year band. All have gigging experience in out of college environments.



Alt-Rock with a Metal twist

Syncopation are a gig experienced band, they have played in venues across Somerset. They have also had experience in playing in outdoor festivals


Totem DJ Collective takeover

Three powerful DJ sets from the three Totem members, Fleabag, Merciful and Rylander, ranging in genre from House and Garage to Jungle and Drum & Bass.

DJ collective Totem have recently found success in the Taunton scene with their unique dance music events and raves. The three members, Fleabag, Rylander and Merciful are often joined on their line-ups by special guests, creating memorable nights that can span from Disco to Drum & Bass and everything in between. Having only been active for a year, they have already made rumbles in venues such as Zinc and the Egg Basket, and are definitely becoming one to watch.
Supported by Mammoth Sound



Somerset Youth Theatre presents:

The Giant Man

SYT Taunton Company have devised, produced and led the way in commissioning Artists to co-create The Giant Man, an outdoor theatre, music & circus performance that tells the story of characters in 19th Century travelling fairs. Inspired by the true story of Joseph Sewell and his Giant Shoes which you can see at the Taunton Museum, SYT Taunton company have had great fun leading the way and learning how to produce this performance from scratch.



The Hobos

An interesting and fun band with a great live set, involving the crowd massively for an unforgettable experience.

The band was formed as part of coursework for the music course at Richard Huish college and they are trying to be the best band they can be.

Festival Zones

The Brewhouse Stage

The Brewhouse stage is the theatre’s main house. All shows are free but seats are limited. You can book free tickets on the Brewhouse website beforehand or at the box office on the day. (whilst availability lasts).

The Dreamers Stage

Our outdoor festival stage showcasing an awesome array of young musicians.

The Wandering Circus

Called the wandering circus because it really does wander! A range of street theatre, circus, dance and parkour performances spilling out around Somerset Square with the aerial rig at its epicentre.

The Gallery

We offer a diverse variety of multifunctional programs which include the needed set of features and support services to help you deal with your issue.

Miscellaneous 234_solid

Workshops and activities

Dotted around our event site you will find a range of brilliant free workshops and masterclasses where you can learn new skills from professional artists. No need to book - just turn up!